“I think it really does transform a society”


To the Dutch, cycling is as normal as breathing. We don’t think about it, we just do it. Perhaps the fact that we don’t think about it, is the key to the bicycle’s success in this country. But because we do not give cycling a second thought, we don’t really know what the deeper needs of cyclists are. In the documentary ‘Why we cycle’ we take a ride with ordinary cyclists and specialists from a variety of disciplines. These conversations uncover some obvious, but even more hidden effects of cycling on people, on societies, and on the organization of cities.

Why we cycle is now available as Vimeo on Demand with Dutch, English, French, German, Chinese, Croatian, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Papiamento, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish Subtitles.     Why We Cycle (2017) on IMDb

Gertjan Hulster – Arne Gielen – Marco te Brömmelstroet – Jeroen Dirks



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